Scouts is really all about the journey. When Scouts first join BSA, their journey includes learning specific skills (like how to set up camp, how to cook, how to tie knots, etc.), about how to successfully deal with challenges (e.g., understanding how to work with folks from your troop that you may not know well; expanding their comfort zone on outings; going to summer camp for the first time, etc.). Part of the way that BSA encourages boys to continue to learn skills, to continue to be challenged, and to demonstrate those accomplishments is via rank advancement. Rank advancement is not tied to age. It’s about the Scout working through the process to acquire specific knowledge and skills in a structured manner.

To advance in rank, boys need to follow the specific requirements outlined in their Scout book for each rank.  Scouts work together to review accomplishments for rank advancement.  This isn’t something that the Scout does with their parents.  Scouts that have earned the rank of First Class and who have completed Youth Leadership Training are eligible to sign off on Scout requirements.

NOTE: Scouts can work on requirements at any time, no matter what their rank.  Meaning, if a Scout is at a rank of Tenderfoot, he can complete requirements for First Class while he’s also working on requirements for Second Class.

Once Scouts have completed the requirements for the rank, they ask to have a Scoutmaster conference with one of the adult leaders.  After the Scoutmaster conference, the final step is to connect with Mr. Peters to arrange a board of review.  After the board of review, the Scout will get recognized with a new rank patch.

The process for advancing to the rank of Eagle is similar, but with some additional steps and some additional documentation.

Enclosed is a summary document outlining those steps needed for Eagle Scout.

Requirements (2021)

Scouts BSA has specific information needed for each rank, as well as information on various awards that the Scouts may earn.  Please see this page at the Scouts BSA website for an overview of the options and the requirements.